Entropic Consciousness: a proposal


  • Samuele Manco University of Palermo, Palermo, 90128, Italy




IIT, EC, Consciousness, Entropy, Mass, Energy, Information, MEI principle


The present work aims to be an advancement in the field of the science of consciousness, with the creation of a new conceptual formulation, “Entropic Consciousness” (EC). It starts from the milestones of Tononi’s Integrated Information Theory (IIT), and deepens them, looking at the conscious phenomenon from another perspective. By means of the MEI equivalence and the Landauer limit it equates the three energetic forms - information, energy, mass - and develops a new lens from which derive important implications regarding conscious experience and its consequences. Finally, he inserts the “free energy principle” developed by Friston into the discussion of consciousness, integrating it with the theorizations developed.


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