Aims & Scope

IPI Letters is a leading open access journal dedicated to advancing the field of information science. Our journal aims to foster the exchange of groundbreaking ideas and scientific discoveries that push the boundaries of knowledge in various aspects involving information.
The scope of IPI Letters encompasses a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Physics of information

  • Information in cosmology

  • Quantum information technologies

  • Digital information technologies

  • Big data and information data storage 

  • Information theory

  • Information as the fifth state of matter

  • Information entropy 

  • Information processing and cyber security

  • Biological information and bio-informatics

  • Sustainable information and environmental data science solutions

    1. Digital Information: The journal welcomes research on digital information, including information processing, storage, retrieval, transmission, and representation. This includes studies on algorithms, data structures, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, and data analytics.
    2. Quantum Information: We encourage research on quantum information science, quantum computing, quantum communication, and quantum cryptography. Topics may include quantum algorithms, quantum entanglement, quantum error correction, quantum communication protocols, and quantum-based information processing technologies.
    3. Information Physics: The journal welcomes studies that explore the physical aspects of information, such as the thermodynamics of information processing, quantum information theory, and the relationship between information and fundamental physical principles.
    4. Information Theory: We invite research in classical information theory, coding theory, information entropy, data compression, error correction codes, and information-theoretic security. Contributions that expand the theoretical foundations of information theory or develop novel applications are also encouraged.
    5. Information in Biological Systems: IPI Letters seeks studies that investigate the role of information in biological systems, including bioinformatics, computational biology, systems biology, neural information processing, and information flow in biological networks.
    6. Information Data Storage: Research on information data storage technologies, such as magnetic storage, optical storage, solid-state storage, and emerging storage technologies, are within the scope of the journal. This includes studies on data retrieval, preservation, security, and storage architectures.
    7. Information Entropy and Complexity: We encourage research on the measurement and analysis of information entropy, complexity theory, information-based measures of uncertainty, and their applications in various domains.
    8. Interdisciplinary Studies: IPI Letters welcomes interdisciplinary studies that bridge information science with other fields, such as physics, mathematics, computer science, biology, chemistry, engineering, and social sciences. These studies contribute to a comprehensive understanding of information and its applications.

By publishing a wide range of high-quality articles, IPI Letters aims to be a platform for researchers, scholars, and practitioners to disseminate their findings, share insights, and inspire further advancements in information science.

We invite researchers worldwide to contribute to IPI Letters and be part of our vibrant community dedicated to pushing the frontiers of information science.